Faberry, why ?

Because : 189 reasons taken from each episode.

- Because Quinn calls Rachel ‘Sweetie’ (1x03)

- Because Quinn draws pornographic sketches of Rachel on the bathroom walls, kinda of meaning she thinks of Rachel naked. (1x06)

- Because Rachel is the only one not laughing when Brittany makes fun of Quinn’s pregnancy. (1x06)

- Because Rachel tells Quinn she doesn’t hate her, she also says that everybody expects them to be enemies, but she doesn’t want this. (1x06)

- Because when Jacob learns that Quinn is pregnant, Rachel does everything she can to keep this as a secret. She even gives him her panties. (1x07)

- Because when everybody learns that Quinn is pregnant, Rachel sings ‘Keep Holding On’ to her. (1x07)

- Because they dance together during ‘Bust a Move’. (1x08)

- Because when Rachel washes Puck’s hair, she mentions Quinn. (1x08)

- Because when Rachel shows she cares about Quinn, Quinn stops calling her names. (1x13)

- Because Quinn tells Rachel ‘I’m not mad at you’, even if Rachel told Finn about Puck being the father of the baby. (1x13)

- Because when Quinn falls in the choir room, Rachel is scared and almost goes to help her. (1x13)

- Because they dance together (smiling) during ‘Give you Hell’ (1x14)

- Because Quinn draws a caricature of Rachel, but also draws 27 hearts all around it. (1x15)

- Because Quinn tells Rachel “Get back here” when Rachel goes to see Shelby knowing it’s her mom. (1x20)

- Because during “Somewhere over the rainbow”, Rachel turns around to look at Quinn and smile at her. (1x22)

- Because during the Britney Spears riot, they stay close to each other, almost hugging. (2x02)

- Because Quinn does a favor to Rachel for free, and we still don’t know why she did it. (2x02)

- Because Rachel agrees to vote for Quinn & Sam during the duet competition even if she always wants to win. (2x04)

- Because Quinn is REALLY happy to see Rachel dancing with Holly. Laughing, clapping, smiling, and cheering. (2x07)

- Because in ‘Dog days are over’ they hold hands. (2x09)

- Because when Rachel learns that Finn & Santana have slept together, she says that at least she’d understand if it has been with Quinn. (2x09)

- Because when Finn is sick, Rachel keeps saying that Quinn is beautiful, and wonders how it feels to kiss Quinn. (2x12)

- Because during ‘Sing’ Rachel high five Quinn. (2x13)

- Because Rachel calls Quinn ‘girlfriend’ (2x14)

- Because Rachel & Quinn are the only members in the Celibacy Club for a while. (2x15)

- Because Rachel & Quinn are the only one who don’t agree with Holly about sex. (2x15)

- Because Rachel mentions Quinn to Holly about abstinence without asking Quinn her permission and almost touch Quinn. (2x15)

- Because they finally dance with everybody and with each other. (2x15)

- Because Quinn thinks Rachel is ‘damn talented’ (2x16)

- Because Quinn pushes Rachel to write a great song and not a childish song. (2x16)

- Because Quinn agrees with Rachel when she says she wants to write original songs. And that convinces the Glee Club to write them. (2x16)

- Because they both start writing a song together, alone somewhere. (2x16)

- Because Quinn sees a great future for Rachel, out of Ohio, whereas she thinks she’s going to stay in Lima forever. (2x16)

- Because ‘Get it right’ is THEIR song. (2x16 ; 3x01) “You’re never gonna get it right.” “This is our year to get it right”

- Because Quinn agrees to go to the doctor with Rachel and comfort her with her hand on Rachel’s shoulder. (2x18)

- Because Quinn wants Rachel to be happy so she lets Rachel takes her nose. (2x18)

- Because Quinn agrees to sing a duet with Rachel, and because this mash up is probably the best of the show, even if they’ve never really sung together before. (2x18)

- Because Quinn is relieved when Rachel decides to cancel her nose job appointment.  (2x18)

- Because Rachel liked Quinn’s duet with Sam (Lucky). (2x19)

- Because Rachel tells Finn to give Gardenias to Quinn for the prom and Gardenias mean “Secret Love”. (2x20)

- Because Rachel knows which ribbon will match Quinn’s hazel eyes. And Quinn is so happy to see it’s the perfect ribbon for her. (2x20)

- Because Rachel tells Quinn she’s the prettiest girl she ever met, but that she’s a lot more than that. (2x20)

- Because they’re looking at each other while Rachel sings “Jar of Hearts” (2x20)

- Because when Quinn slaps Rachel in the face, she apologizes immediately, regretting what she did as soon as she does it. (2x20)

- Because Quinn have to touch Rachel’s hand to take the paper from her hand. (2x20)

- Because Rachel helps Quinn cleaning her face after she stopped crying. (2x20)

- Because Quinn stops Santana from hitting Rachel. (2x22)

- Because Quinn is jealous to see Rachel with Finn and keeps glancing to Rachel. (2x22)

- Because Quinn doesn’t care about Santana & Brittany begging her to come back in Glee Club. She tells them people grow apart. But when Rachel begs her, she doesn’t say a thing, she just listens to her and look at her. (3x01)

- Because Rachel knows how sad is Quinn, contrary to the rest of the Glee Club. (3x01)

- Because in 1x06 Quinn is a little sharp according to Rachel, but then she has a great alto that Glee Club needs, Rachel says. (3x01)

- Because Rachel KNOWS Quinn dates a 40 years old skateboarder during the summer. But how?! (3x01)

- Because at the end of Rachel song, Quinn sniffles. (3x03)

- Because Rachel keep saying she wants to sing ‘I feel pretty’, a song she has sung with Quinn. (3x02 ; 3x03)

- Because they dance together during ‘Last Friday Night’. (3x04)

- Because when Blaine sings ‘I think we kissed but I forgot’, Rachel sings to Quinn and look at her. (3x04)

- Because Rachel wants to know Quinn’s advice about sex. (3x05)

- Because Quinn tells Rachel to wait. (3x05)

- Because they dance together behind Finn during the ND mashup (3x06)

- Because when Quinn sings, Rachel doesn’t mind staying in the back. (3x06)

- Because Quinn defends Rachel in front of Shelby, insulting Shelby ‘Cashwhore’. (3x06)

- Because they sing “I kissed a girl” for Santana. (3x07)

- Because Quinn hold Rachel, putting her arm on Rachel’s breasts during IKaG. (3x07)

- Because they’re side by side laughing together during ‘Perfect’ (3x07)

- Because if Rachel wouldn’t have given up on Senior President Elections, Quinn would have voted for her. She wanted to vote for a girl but thought Brittany was insane, Rachel was not. (3x07)

- Because in the huge crowd,  Rachel noticed Quinn first when she’s gonna vote. (3x07)

- Because Quinn tells Puck’s secret to Rachel, even though he told her to keep it to herself. (3x08)

- Because Rachel tries once to stop Quinn when Quinn wants to get Shelby fired. (3x07)

- Because Rachel runs after Quinn during the Sectionals when Quinn leaves the auditorium. (3x08)

- Because Rachel tries again to stop Quinn. (3x08)

- Because Rachel convinced Quinn to stop. She fixed Quinn. She saved Quinn. (3x08)

- Because Quinn is waiting for Rachel in Principal Figgins office. (3x08)

- Because Quinn thanks Rachel for helping her and said that without Rachel she would have regretted it. (3x08)

- Because Rachel really wants to be friends with Quinn so she tries again. This time, Quinn accepts. (3x08)

- Because Quinn tells Rachel about Yale. No one else. (3x08)

- Because Quinn tells Rachel she’s really talented again. (3x08)

- Because Rachel thinks that Quinn in the drama section at Yale is a great idea. (3x08)

- Because Rachel tells Quinn she’s a lot better than she knows. Again. (3x08)

- When Quinn gets up, Rachel panics a little. She doesn’t want Quinn to go. (3x08)

- Because Rachel wants to help Quinn with her Yale application. (3x08)

- Because Quinn asks Rachel a favor. (3x08)

- Because Quinn convinced Rachel to give solos to the TT. How ?! (3x08)

- Because during ‘We are young’ they look at each other and smile, just like they were best friends. (3x08)

- Because they’re studying together in the library (3x11)

- Because Quinn is freaking out thinking Rachel might be pregnant. (3x11)

- Because Rachel tells Quinn about the proposal first and only Quinn, not even Kurt. (3x11)

- Because Rachel trusts Quinn and thinks that Quinn will give her a straight and thoughtful answer. (3x11)

- Because Quinn tells Rachel about her Yale admission first. (3x11)

- Because Rachel is so happy for Quinn. (3x11)

- Because Rachel hugs her without telling her ‘I’m gonna hug you now’ like she does with others, knowing Quinn won’t reject her. (3x11)

- Because Quinn gives the best advices to Rachel about her future. (3x11)

- Because Quinn just knows that Rachel will be in NYC and will be a star. She just knows it. (3x11)

- Because Quinn has now accepted Finn and Rachel relationship and isn’t jealous about it anymore. (3x11)

- Because Quinn reasoned Rachel (for now) (3x11)

- Because Quinn has pics of Rachel in her locker. (3x11)

- Because Rachel accept the idea of letting Quinn singing to Finn and dancing with him because she knows that Quinn isn’t a threat anymore. (3x11)

- Because Quinn’s speech is clearly for Rachel ‘You can’t change your past but you can let go and start your future’. (3x11)

- Because Quinn and Rachel keep staring at each other with tears in their eyes. (3x11)

- Because Quinn almost begs Rachel to make the right decision by a simple look. (3x11)

- Because Quinn is sex-eyeing Rachel during the ‘Black or White’ performance. (3x11)

- Because they’re dancing and laughing together during David Martinez performance “Sexy and I know it”. (3x12)

- Because Quinn is still against the wedding. (3x13)

- Because Rachel would like everyone to respect her wedding and to be at the wedding and says that if someone is against the wedding, they’re not invited, staring at Quinn. (3x13)

- Because Rachel says she’d like to see Quinn in her bridesmaid’s dress. (3x13)

- Because Quinn tries once again to reason Rachel saying that she’s too young to get married. (3x13)

- Because right before sitting again to let Artie perform, Rachel sadly smiles at Quinn, hoping she could change her mind. (3x13)

- Because Quinn sings a love song to Rachel on Valentine’s day with the God Squade. (3x13)

- Because during ‘Stereo heart’ Quinn hold her hand to Rachel so she can takes it and then walks her somewhere else saying ‘madame’. (3x13)

- Because during  Love Shack’, Rachel sings and dances and Quinn imitates her moves being in the public. (3x13)

- Because when Quinn says she’d like to graduate on top of her class in Yale, Rachel smiles at her. (3x14)

- Because when Rachel says she’d like to stay friends with everybody after high-school, she and Quinn look at each other tenderly. (3x14)

- Because when Finn and Rachel say they’re gonna get married after the Regionals, Rachel looks at Quinn and Quinn doesn’t seem happy, biting her lips to keep her from saying something. (3x14)

- Because even though Blaine just told Quinn she looked hot in her cheerio uniform, Quinn feels the need to ask Rachel if she looks good. (3x14)

- Rachel is happy that Quinn is happy being a cheerio again. (3x14)

- Because Quinn insists when she asked Rachel if she was only singing the song to Finn. “….right?” (3x14)

- Because Rachel doesn’t even answer ‘yes, I was singing it only to Finn’. (3x14)

- Because Quinn finally accepts to go to the wedding and be one of the bridesmaids. They hug. (3x14)

- Because Rachel is relieved and excited to see that Quinn is supporting her. (3x14)

- Because Rachel wants Quinn to be here, even if it means she’s gonna be late for her own wedding. (3x14)

- Because when Finn wants a “moment” with Rachel, she broke it quickly to read one of Quinn’s text. (3x14)  

- Because we now know that they have each other numbers and that they’re used to send each other texts (We can read 18 texts from Rachel in Quinn’s phone) (3x14)

- Because when Finn says it’s now or never for the wedding, Rachel doesn’t answer and instead sends a text to Quinn. (3x14)

- Because Rachel literally refuses to get married without Quinn. (3x14)

- Because Quinn only wants to reassure Rachel that’s she’s coming and that she’s on her way… (3x14)

- Because Quinn says she’s not going to stand around and watch Rachel ruin her life by marrying Finn Hudson. (3x14, B
ridesmaids cut scene)

- Because Quinn says that Rachel is the shiniest star of all of them.
(3x14, Bridesmaids cut scene)

- Because Quinn says that what she admires the most about Rachel is that she has never apologized for her ambition.
(3x14, Bridesmaids cut scene)

- Because Quinn prefers to not to to the wedding than to watch Rachel ruining her life.
(3x14, Bridesmaids cut scene)

- Because without wanting it Quinn stopped the Finchel wedding. It is called destiny. (3x15)

- Because when Finn talks to Rachel about wedding and future, the only thing Rachel keep thinking of is Quinn. (3x15)

- Because as soon as Rachel sees Quinn, she smiles. (3x15)

- Because from the start, Rachel doesn’t believe in Quinn’s fake happiness. (3x15)

- Because when Quinn says that her plumbing is still working, Rachel looks at… Quinn’s plumbing. (3x15)

- Because when everybody is thinking about dish day, Rachel thinks about Quinn and falls apart. (3x15)

- Because Quinn told Tina she didn’t want to see her in tears but accept the idea of seeing Rachel in tears and ordered her to come closer so she can hug her. (3x15)

- Because Quinn insists on the fact that the accident isn’t Rachel’s fault. (3x15)

- Because after the hug, Quinn casually hold Rachel’s hand and doesn’t let it go away for a while. (3x15)

- Because their sweater match and because Rachel glanced worriedly at Quinn when she enters the choir room. (3x16)

- Because Rachel is fangirling when Quinn sings. (3x17)

- Because when Quinn sings “Making love the whole night” to a boy, Rachel laughed a little bit and makes a little grimace, knowing Quinn’s religion. (3x17)

- Because Rachel teases Quinn about Joe but apologizes once again for the accident. (3x17)

- Because Rachel knows that Quinn didn’t hang up the PQ and PK poster, she trust her. (3x19)

- Because Rachel accepts the idea of Finn and Quinn running for PQ and PK for Quinn, for their friendship. (3x19)

- Because when Rachel wants to talk to Quinn, she sends her a text. (3x19)

- Because Rachel apologized for over reacting and Quinn accepts her excuses. (3x19)

- Because Rachel tells Quinn “Don’t you understand what you mean to me?”. Because Quinn is Rachel pride, her friendship with Quinn is the only thing she’ll remember from high school, it’s the best thing for her. (3x19)

- Because Rachel says that for her, Quinn is still the same : beautiful but that she grew up a lot and that she’s humble. (3x19)

- Because Rachel says she wants Quinn to win the Prom Queen title because she deserves it and even voted for her when she arrived late. (3x19)

- Because when Quinn wins Prom Queen, she wins by one vote, Rachel’s vote. (3x19)

- Because Quinn decides to give up on her crown to give it to Rachel, without her knowing. (3x19)

- Because Quinn has a big smile when she sees Rachel being announced as the prom queen. (3x19)

- Because by winning, Rachel gets hope again for her future, she trust herself again and it’s because of Quinn. (3x19)

- Because when Quinn gets up from her wheelchair, Rachel ignores Finn to look at Quinn, smiling. (3x19)

- Because during the Nationals, at the end of Santana’s verse, Quinn immediately looks at Rachel, knowing she’s the one singing next. (3x21)

- Because what Rachel tells Quinn to do, Quinn does. (3x22)

- Because Quinn admits that she’s happy she and Rachel have changed because without that, they wouldn’t be friends. (3x22)

- Because once again, Quinn says she’s still against Finchel wedding. (3x22)

- Because Rachel is the only person Quinn wants to be sure she keeps in touch with. (3x22)

- Because Quinn offers Rachel a train pass so Rachel can visit her in New Haven. Quinn having one to go to New-York City. (3x22)

- Because Quinn spent hundreds of dollars for this pass. (3x22)

- Because Quinn offers this pass to Rachel without knowing if Rachel got into NYADA, but she’s just so sure Rachel will be in NYC, she’s just so sure about Rachel’s future. (3x22)

- Because when Rachel leaves, Quinn is there, waving her hands like a crazy woman to say goodbye and finishes with a thumb up in the air. (3x22)

- Because Quinn is probably the most happiest one of the Glee Club to see Rachel going to NYC to make her dreams come true… (3x22)

- Because when Mercedes ask the graduated if they have news from Rachel, Quinn is the only one who got some. (4x08)

- Because Quinn says that Rachel is emailing her every week. (4x08)

- Because Rachel harasses Quinn to make her come to NYC by using the train tickets. (4x08)

- Because they talk about their life as real friends, Quinn knowing what Rachel has planned for Thanksgiving. (4x08)

- Because when Rachel wants to do a topless scene, Quinn doesn’t think about it twice and goes to NYC with Santana to talk to Rachel about this decision. (4x12)

- Because Quinn nicely shows to Rachel that this topless scene isn’t a good idea with the 2-2-2 rule. (4x12)

- Because Quinn tells Rachel she cares about her and says ‘please don’t do it’ with shining eyes. (4x12)

- Because Quinn and Rachel sing ‘Love Song' with Santana and have a lot of fun. (4x12)

- Because Rachel listened to Quinn and didn’t do the topless scene. (4x12)

- Because when Rachel says she wants to invite Quinn and Santana for diner, Quinn doesn’t hesitate one second before saying yes. (4x12)

- Because Quinn looks at Rachel singing when she slow dance with Santana. (4x14)

- Because Rachel watches Quinn singing ‘Toxic’ and doesn’t get why Biff isn’t watching. (5x12)

- Because Rachel sings ‘Keep Holding On’ to Quinn again, doesn’t take off her eyes of Quinn and smiles at her. (5x12)

- Because Quinn isn’t pleased when Santana reveals that she and Quinn elected Rachel as prom queen. (5x12)

- Because they have fun an dance together during ‘Party All The Time’ (5x13)

- Because Rachel doesn’t look happy to see Quinn and Puck getting back together. (5x13)

- Because Quinn sends flowers (Queen’s Lace) to Rachel for her opening night on Broadway. (5x17)

 - Because since the beginning, Quinn only shows emotions in front of Rachel. (1x13 ; 2x16 ; 2x18 ; 2x20 ; 3x01 ; 3x08).

 - Because Rachel is always here for Quinn, in spite of their complicated past.

- Because Rachel tries to convince Quinn to come back in Glee Club TWICE. (1x06 , 3x01)

- Because Quinn lies to all of her boyfriends but is always honest with Rachel.

- Because they are always looking at each other. (Okay, maybe it’s more Dianna & Lea but …)

- Because they always meet in the bathroom. (2x04 ; 2x20 ; 3x11 ; 3x22)

 - Because no matter if they want it or not, they’re related. Quinn is Beth mother. Rachel is Beth’s sister.

- Because Quinn is definitely not just straight after sleeping with Santana. (4x14)

 - Because they have an amazing and undeniable chemistry.

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